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Winter Season Notice

Who we are:

The Prime Meridian Trail Association (PMTA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the construction, maintenance and promotion of a 10 km recreational / heritage trail on an abandoned CN Rail line known as the Inwood Subdivision: Grosse Isle to highway 67 (4 miles) and Argyle (2 miles), MB.

The PMTA is affiliated with the Manitoba Recreational Trail Association. Our goals include the conservation and maintenance of the trail for recreational purposes.

It is our intention to provide a safe, attractive and non-intrusive trail that will provide a corridor for wildlife and native plants plus recreational, conservation, educational, fitness and business opportunities for area residents and visitors.

Trail Benefits:

  • Trails encourage the creation and preservation of "Green Spaces".
  • Trails also provide for recreation away from highway traffic.
  • Trails are major points of interest for tourism.
  • Trails create opportunities for bed and breakfasts, bicycle rentals and repairs, shuttle services, snowmobile sales, service and repairs and other ventures for creative entrepreneurs.
  • Trails provide a new and safe home for wildlife.
  • Trails can be used to teach all users about the diverse natural and historical features of the trail and adjacent areas.

Why Trails?:

Answering why means searching deep into what the PMTA means to all people involved. A recreational corridor joins communities, makes neighbors of communities and allows communities along the trail to work towards a common purpose.

Trails pass silently through forests and prarie, offering a rich history with each step. Linear parks encourage us to appreciate our heritage and the wonders of nature through hiking, cycling, skiing, horseback riding and snowmobiling.

Trails offer an alternative to the dangers of roads and highways, and a safe haven for all users.

Individuals or groups that are willing to help with the construction and maintenance of the Prime Meridian Trail can contact the PMTA office at the address or phone number on our Contacts Page.

What to see on the Trail:

The Prime Meridian Trail is a haven for naturalists, it boasts over 240 species of flora, 170 species of birds, 31 species of mammals, 4 species of amphibians, and 3 species of reptiles.

The Trail starts in the lush tall grass prairies of the Red River Valley and runs through farmland.

Take pictures of yellow lady's slippers, prarie lillies, wild rose, big bluestem, blazing star, sharp tailed grouse, great horned owls, or even monarch butterflies.

Come cross country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, mountain biking, horseback riding or hiking.

Come and explore the Heart of Manitoba's Interlake, "The Prime Meridian Trail".


Membership Information:

Be Part of a Dream!
  • Become a member of the Prime Meridian Trail Association.
Annual Memberships:
  • Individual: $10.00
  • Family $20.00
  • Organizational: $50.00
  • To become a member see our Contacts Page for info on how to reach us or Email us by clicking here.



Winter Season Notice


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